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EUI 5.9-28 ROM for Le 2 (X620)

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    • 28S basic without excessive customization without over-streamlining
    • Part of the app parameter changes
    • Partially driven hex update
    • Remove desktop ads
    • The original layout for more stable use
    • Lock screen lunar calendar
    • Update the desktop layout
    • Thanks for the companion is to use and feedback
    • Advanced settings pop-up window to simplify + small adjustments
    • Googles
    • Theme can be downloaded to download
    • Meizu suspended ball, a better experience
    • Switchover takes effect immediately without restarting
    • CPU optimization
    • xposed
    • Other desktop to cold desktop vip version


    • Boot directly skip! Directly into the desktop
    • Double row speed display
    • Special note: The dpi, the music as the phone, can only adjust the size of the overall interface can not adjust the size of the desktop is somewhat similar with Huawei, but Huawei can be adjusted, the music code is still searching


    • Maintain official stability
    • Dolby Tips: Set / Sound or Advanced Settings inside {Do not choose game mode – only music 1S}
    • Select the middle of the three-stage non-modular
    • Add Viper Sound Effects, the latest version
    • Advanced settings are used to achieve the code, a large number of non-bundled apk
    • dat format brush machine, permissions better
    • Optimize init.d permissions
    • Integrated busybox instruction set
    • Add mandatory self-management, ROOT permission to execute, you can effectively prevent some boot program
    • Shake custom
    • Status bar advanced settings
    • Slide the status bar to adjust the brightness
    • Screen assistant
    • Power menu
    • Eye protection
    • CPU parameter settings, control fever, manual control of the core
    1. Restart in recovery TWRP
    2. Make Wipes: Data, Cache and Dalvik as  minimum (for this enter the recovery in Wipes (clean) and slide to the right.)
    3. Install ROM
    4. Restart and leave about 10 minutes to start.



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