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How to fix black screen when playing videos in lineage os 14.1 x626

Fix black screen video playback issue

1.Edit build.prop in folder root/system/ via any root browser
2.Add strings above # # ADDITIONAL_BUILD_PROPERTIESC as seen on screenshot and under debug.perfomance.tuning=0
3.Add these strings there:
4.delete wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=360 string

5.Download this, extract it into root/system/etc/init.d/ folder
6.Restart your phone
7.You are done!Your videos should work like a charm 🙂

Fix if your phone freezes when playing video or u can use it to bypass thermal privacy

1. delete perfselfapplist.txt and perfservscntlb.txt from root/system/etc

2.delete thermal.conf from root/system/etc/.tp

This tutorial was created thanks to Abe from official tickernel telegram

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