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[20S][MULTILANGUAGE][GAPPS] EUI 5.9.020s for LeEco Le S3 (X626/X622) & Le 2 (X620)

Fastboot version & flashable zip version

83 9,598

Android version: 6.0
EUI version: 5.9.020s
Kernel version: 3.18.22+
Size: 1.75 GB
Development: LeMobile, Aliexpress Seller
Languages: Multilanguage

Installation (TWRP):

  1. Load the downloaded archive into the root of the device’s memory.
  2. Go to TWRP, do “wipe” of 4 first partitions: dalvik, cache, system, data
  3. Go to the main menu and click “Install” and look for the firmware then swipe right
  4. The firmware takes 3-5 minutes. When the firmware is installed, click the “Reboot to system” button.
  5. The first load is very long, about 5-8 minutes.

Installation (Fastboot):

  1. Boot into fastboot mode by pressing vol down + power
  2. Connect your phone to pc
  3. start “开机oem解锁-音量下+开机键_读取Devices.bat”
  4. start “刷机.bat”
  5. After the process is done, you can reboot by holding power button

Note :
If you use the fastboot method, your userdata will be erased including internal storage. So, before doing this you may backup your data first


  • Stable
  • GApps Preinstalled
  • Root (optional)
  • Xposed Support
  • Freeze Issue Fixed

The main modules of the device work.
No errors were detected during the testing of the errors.
If found, please inform.


  1. Download Magisk, xposed
  2. Place in internal storage or usbotg
  3. Boot into twrp recovery
  4. Press install
  5. Choose your rom file then add more Magisk-v14.5(1456).zip, after that swipe right
  6. Wait until finished
  7. Restart

Fix Fastboot Error:

In the version for fastboot it is necessary to change the Chinese stamps and put in the catalog without spaces because in this case you can not perform the full script:
error: cannot load ‘C:\??S3_X626\images\system.img’
“Flash system error”


C:\乐视S3_X626>fastboot -s LEY7A07330017196 getvar product 2>&1 | findstr /r /c:”^product: *S2_PLUS” || echo Missmatching image and device
product: S2_PLUS

C:\乐视S3_X626>fastboot -s LEY7A07330017196 getvar product 2>&1 | findstr /r /c:”^product: *S2_PLUS” || goto error
product: S2_PLUS

C:\乐视S3_X626>fastboot -s LEY7A07330017196 devices 1>nul 2>nul

C:\乐视S3_X626>fastboot -s LEY7A07330017196 oem lock 1>nul 2>nul

C:\乐视S3_X626>fastboot -s LEY7A07330017196 oem unlock 1>nul 2>nul

C:\乐视S3_X626>fastboot -s LEY7A07330017196 flash system C:\乐视S3_X626\images\system.img ||
error: cannot load ‘C:\??S3_X626\images\system.img’
“Flash system error”

Press any key to continue . . .

thx to Dziubek


Download :

S3_X626.rar (fastboot) (flashable zip)

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