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Custom ROM based on v.5.9.26s06.141 for LeEco Le X626/X620/X622 Multilanguage

16 2,693
  1. Necessary translation patch to put it in multi language.
  2. ROOT
  3. BusyBox
  4. Zippaling
  5. No Deodex
  6. Literated (deleted all unnecessary APPs.)
  7. Sqlite
  8. Added Google app (Play Store, Keyboard, Gmail, Calendar, Calculator …)
  9. Added VLC app, QuickRebbot (recovery) Nova Launcher, Sony Wolkman Player, Es Explorer PRO. All of these can be uninstalled if you do not like it.
  10. Added Spanish LOGO and BootAnimation International.
  11. Xposed Installer
  12. AdBlock Reborn (necessary module installed xposed).
  13. Added support for WallPapers and Live Wallpapers (in the previous 23s I did this did not work).
  14. Added LeEco Launcher.
  15. Added Browser LeEco 
Installation instructions.
  1. Restart in recovery TWRP
  2. Make Wipes: Data, Cache and Dalvik as  minimum (for this enter the recovery in Wipes (clean) and slide to the right.)
  3. Install  ROM LeEco Le 2 X620 5.9.26S06.141 r2.0 by_WoRFReD.
  4. Restart and leave about 10 minutes to start.
  5. Finish the initial configuration and get to the launcher.
  6. Then go to the SuperSU and open it. Choose new user.
  7. Then open the Quick Reboot application and give SuperSU permissions.
  8. Restart in Recovery.
  9. Once in recovery now if  WITHOUT WIPES NOR CLEAN ANYTHING (NOT WIPE)  install the  MULTI LeEco Patch Le 2 X620 5.9.26S06.141 r2.0 by_WoRFReD
  10. Now if you want
NOTE: Install the “Google Play Services” as soon as possible so that you do not get errors.
The compatibility for the x622, x626 has already been confirmed. To put these phones the TWRP recovery


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