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[30S][MULTILANGUAGE] LE ITA V7.0 for Le 2 (X620) & Le S3 (X622/X626)

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Android version: 6.0
EUI version: 5.9.030s
Kernel version: 3.18.22+
Size: 1.42 GB
Development: Jony.Q
Languages: Multilanguage

Installation (TWRP):

  1. Load the downloaded archive into the root of the device’s memory.
  2. Go to TWRP, do “wipe” of 4 first partitions: dalvik, cache, system, data
  3. Go to the main menu and click “Install” and look for the firmware then swipe right
  4. The firmware takes 3-5 minutes. When the firmware is installed, click the “Reboot to system” button.
  5. The first load is very long, about 5-8 minutes.

ATTENTION: Use TWRP 3.0.2-0 for the installation procedure!


  • Gapps, Magisk, Kernel mod, New nav bar,
  • Multicolored notifications, Caller photo full screen,
  • Battery calibration, Dolby Atmos, Tap to sleep,
  • Fonts, Optimized settings in build.prop,
  • Advanced option in settings, Bootanimation in English … etc
  • Removed all the useless leeco apps
  • Removed registration for leeco-related Cloud


  • Already Rooted

Installing GApps:

  • GApps Included


Do not receive notifications
Dial * # * # 46360000 # * # * You must disable the “Enable background management resources” Turn off the phone. (just in case).
How to change the name of your phone


Update :

Le ITA v7.0

From twrp wipe cache and dalvik cache and install the OTA Update, ViperFX and safetynet

Download :

LE ITA v7.0
settings fix

fix safetynet for magisk

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